Temperament: A Practical Approach to Meeting Individual Needs
A PITC Training Session

Session Format: 3-hour session, 30-40 participants, mini-lecture, DVD, large and small group activities

This session uses a variety of interactive learning activities to introduce the concept of temperament and its dimensions. The temperament tendencies of infants and toddlers will be explored. Participants will discover and examine the influence of temperament on their relationships with infants and toddlers. Goodness-of-fit, along with cultural perspectives on temperament will be discussed as central to caring for young infants and toddlers in group care. Participants will analyze videos to understand what various temperament tendencies look like and engage in group discussion to deepen their understanding of strategies that are responsive to children with different temperament tendencies in group care.

Related Module(s):
I Social-Emotional Growth and Socialization

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