Infant/Toddler Care Teacher Institutes

WestEd PITC is now conducting trainings directly for infant/toddler care teachers. Each Module of PITC is offered individually, approximately three months apart over the course of one year. This training is available for up to 120 participants. WestEd faculty with expertise in the content areas of the modules, and experienced in the training of infant/toddler care teachers, are selected by WestEd to conduct the trainings.

The training consists of Modules I through IV of the Program for Infant/Toddler Care. The content of the PITC Modules addresses social-emotional development, temperament, guidance and discipline, understanding children’s behavior, primary caregiving and continuity, small groups and individualized care, environments, routines, cognitive learning, brain development, language and communication, special needs, and the role of culture in learning and development, culture and identity formation, parent/provider relations, processes for understanding and negotiating differences in child-rearing practices, and providing culturally sensitive childcare.

For more information on contracting with WestEd to host one of our Infant/Toddler Care Teacher Institutes please contact Elizabeth Crocker at 415.289.2300 or