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PITC Home Visiting Institute Registration Information

Content of the PITC Home Visiting Institutes

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At the heart of the Program for Infant/Toddler Care (PITC) is a commitment to care for infants and toddlers that respects the differing cultures, lifestyles, preferences, abilities, learning styles, and needs of the children and families served. Therefore, PITC follows an approach that is responsive to what infants and toddlers and their families bring to care and emphasizes relationship-based implementation strategies. The positions advocated by PITC are based on sound child development and family research.

The PITC Home Visiting Institutes are designed to support home visitors, program directors, managers, supervisors, nurses, social workers, and professional development providers. The training content is compatible with any home visiting program model. Sessions are presented by core faculty and other experts in the field of infant care, early childhood mental health, family support, and social work. Grounded in the nationally recognized PITC philosophy, the PITC Home Visiting Institutes integrate best practices in home visiting with the latest advances in child development. Upon completion of the institute, participants will emerge with an enhanced understanding that will help them build and sustain strong alliances with families; implement effective home visiting practices; and work effectively with families to support their children’s development. Reflective practice is an integral part of the Home Visiting Institute experience with faculty modeling and guiding participants through the process.

Consistent themes will be interwoven throughout the one week-long Home Visiting Institute, which will cover the following primary content areas:

The content areas focus on how to improve the quality and effectiveness of home visiting services, with an emphasis on supporting healthy infant/toddler development and parent-child relationships, and helping home visitors and home visiting program staff identify strategies for connecting families to resources within their communities.

What is a PITC Home Visiting Institute?

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Each PITC Home Visiting Institute is one week long, involving from 80 to 120 participants. At the PITC Home Visiting Institute, participants attend sessions and interactive seminars taught by leading experts in the field. The Home Visiting Institute provides an opportunity for a comprehensive study of the PITC philosophy and recommended practices.

Experienced educators who are PITC Faculty will present all institute sessions. The presentation format will be designed to address the variety of learning styles, knowledge, and experience that adult learners bring with them. The PITC Faculty will convey philosophical, theoretical, and practical information, using training techniques that include cooperative and experiential learning activities along with lecture, discussion, and video presentation.

An integral part of the PITC’s training philosophy is the concept of creating a community of learners. Hence, the PITC Faculty will create a supportive learning environment, and will introduce collaborative activities in which participants will become resources to one another. In other words, the members of the developing community of learners will receive help as they help others in the group, and the entire community will work together to make lasting changes in practice. The Home Visiting Institute includes time for networking opportunities and professional reflection.

The information presented at the PITC Home Visiting Institutes is linked to the Head Start/Early Head Start Performance Standards.

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Who May Attend

Individuals encouraged to participate in PITC Home Visiting Institutes are as follows:

Why Choose PITC?

What Participants Say about PITC Home Visiting:

“I think that any person that enters into this field of work should take this training.”

“Very insightful. Informative, interesting sessions and topics from parent-child interactions to staff's self-care practices, and brainstorming ideas on how to approach different circumstances in high-risk families.”

“The content has been rich and the caliber of instructors has been unbelievable....the difference between this and other types of trainings is that the information learned here is transferable.”

“I can see myself putting what I have learned into practice in my work with home visitors, families, and others that I am in relationship with.”

“I feel more capable to talk with families about their relationships with their babies.”

Schedule of PITC Home Visiting Institutes

Each PITC Home Visiting Institute is one week long. The PITC Home Visiting Institute starts with registration at 3:00pm on Sunday, and ends at 5:00pm the following Friday.


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The registration fee for a Home Visiting Institute is $3,400, which covers:

All participants are responsible for any costs associated with transportation to the training site. Single–occupancy rooms are available for an additional fee. Academic units and CEUs are available for a fee.


In order to receive an invoice, the enrollment section of registration needs to be complete. Once completed, an enrollment summary page is displayed, giving access to print an invoice. In addition, participants will receive an email confirming their PITC Home Visiting Enrollment. This email can also act as an invoice, as it includes all payment-related information.

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Academic Units and Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

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Participants attending the PITC Home Visiting Institutes have the option of receiving:

All units are ECE extended education units from Sonoma State University. If you plan to use these units for college level academic coursework or toward other permit or license requirements, please check with your educational institution before submitting your registration form.

Please see chart below to decide if you would like to receive ECE academic units or ECE CEUs:

(2 undergraduate level units)
(30 hours of credit)
Complete academic unit registration form on-site. Complete CEUs registration form on-site.
Attend all sessions at the institute. Attend all sessions at the institute.
Complete 2 written assignments at designated times during the institute. No written assignment required.
Submit payment of $130 with registration form. Submit payment of $85 with registration form.

Continuing Education (CE) Hours For Registered Nurses

WestEd is a provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing Provider # CEP 16134. Registered Nurses attending the PITC Home Visiting Institutes will have the opportunity to sign-up to receive 30 CE hours on-site.

CDA Information

Although organized somewhat differently from the CDA’s 8 Subject Areas for the Home Visitor CDA Credential, the PITC Home Visiting Institute offers through its sessions the theory, practice, and active learning experiences that will promote the attainment of Home Visitor CDA Credential in all subject areas.

When to Register

Register early. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Qualified applicants who are waitlisted will be considered if a last minute cancellation occurs.

Group of Applicants

If you are coordinating submission of applications for a group of more than 5 people, please call Karla de Guzman at 415.289.2305, or email kdeguzm@wested.org, to discuss space availability and the application process for your group. Each person in the group must complete an individual application by the application due date to be considered. Please submit all individual applications for your group at the same time.

Cancellation Policy

Once enrolled, a $3,400 cancellation fee will be charged if the cancellation occurs less than 30 days prior to the start of the institute. In addition, for cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the start of the institute, hotel cancellation charges may apply. NOTE: All cancellation fees are subject to change.


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For questions regarding the content of the institute and who should attend, please contact Keiko Tahara, Program Coordinator, at ktahara@wested.org.

For questions about the application procedure, the status of your application, or if you did not receive written correspondence, please contact Karla de Guzman, Conference Coordinator, at kdeguzm@wested.org.

For questions regarding academic units, CEUs, and CE hours for registered nurses, please contact Karla Nygaard, Conference Coordinator, at knygaar@wested.org.

For additional questions, contact:
WestEd, Center for Child & Family Studies
180 Harbor Drive, Suite 112
Sausalito, CA 94965
Phone: 415.289.2300
Fax: 415.289.2301

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