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The PITC Home Visiting Institutes are geared toward home visitors and their supervisors. Sessions are presented by core faculty and other experts in the field of infant care, early childhood mental health, family support, and social work. Grounded in the nationally recognized PITC philosophy, the PITC Home Visiting Institutes integrate best practices in home visiting with the latest advances in child development. Upon completion of the Institute, participants will emerge with an enhanced understanding that will help them build and sustain strong alliances with families; implement effective home visiting practices; and work effectively with families to support their children’s development. Reflective practice is an integral part of the Home Visiting Institute experience with faculty modeling and guiding participants through the process. Learn more about PITC.

At the heart of the Program for Infant/Toddler Care (PITC) is a commitment to care for infants and toddlers that respects the differing cultures, lifestyles, preferences, abilities, learning styles, and needs of the children and families served. PITC follows an approach that is responsive to what infants and toddlers and their families bring to care, and emphasizes relationship-based implementation strategies. The positions advocated by PITC are based on sound child development and family research.

Contact: Karla de Guzman | 415.289.2305 | kdeguzm@wested.org

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