PITC Trainer Institutes Overview

The Program for Infant/Toddler Care conducts Trainer Institutes, which are offered to educators, program managers, and other professionals responsible for training infant/toddler care teachers. These intensive sessions help trainers deepen their understanding of each module's content and acquire skills in the integrated presentation of the concepts in the PITC videos and guides. Upon completing the certification requirements, participants receive a certificate of completion from WestEd and the California Department of Education that recognizes them as trainers for the specific module in which they received training. Learn more about PITC.

The Modules at the Trainer Institutes cover the following four major content areas:

Module I: Social-Emotional Growth & Socialization

  • Social-Emotional Milestones
  • Responsive Caregiving
  • Temperament and Individual Differences in Group Care
  • Meeting Children's Emotional Needs
  • Guidance and Discipline with Infants and Toddlers in Group Care

Module II: Group Care

  • Primary Care and Continuity of Care
  • Group Size and Individualization of Care
  • Setting Up Environments for Infants and Toddlers
  • Daily Routines in Group Care Settings

Module III: Learning & Development

  • Cognitive Development and Learning
  • Language Development and Communication
  • Special Needs
  • Culture, Language, and Cognition
  • Brain Development in Infancy

Module IV: Culture, Family, & Providers

  • Self Awareness and Cultural Perceptions
  • Culturally Responsive Care
  • Using the Process of Acknowledge, Ask, and Adapt
  • Culture and Early Identity Formation
  • Creating Partnerships with Parents

Training activities include sessions with leading experts in infant development and care and faculty from the California Department of Education Early Learning and Care Division and WestEd Center for Child & Family Studies. In addition to covering major content areas, each Trainer Institute focuses on adult learning and teaching strategies.

The information presented at the PITC Institutes can be directly linked to the Head Start Program Performance Standards for easy application by EHS staff in lesson planning and program implementation. Linking The Program for Infant/Toddler Care Trainer Institute Sessions To Head Start Program Performance Standards and Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework document (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Schedule of California Trainer Institutes

The PITC Trainer Institute is offered annually, with in-person sessions alternating between Northern and Southern California. Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year. However, first consideration for acceptance will be given to applications received by the due date. Applications received after the due date will be considered if a last-minute cancellation occurs. . For exact dates and locations visit the calendar of events.


The Trainer Institutes are designed for trainers of early childhood practitioners, in particular infant/toddler care teachers. Participants include early childhood program directors, resource teachers, and site supervisors or educational coordinators; staff from child care resource and referral agencies who train family child care providers or infant/toddler care teachers in center-based programs; community college, university, or college instructors who teach infant/toddler courses; independent trainers for infant/toddler care teachers or family child care providers; and trainers who work in high school vocational, parent and teen education, early intervention, and special needs programs.

For additional information about the Trainer Institutes or about bringing a Trainer Institute to your area, contact:

Elizabeth Crocker
WestEd (415) 289-2300
Center for Child and Family Studies
180 Harbor Drive, Suite 112, Sausalito, CA 94965