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New Perspectives on Infant/Toddler Learning, Development, and Care (2006)

New Perspectives Video Clip Teaching and Caring; Boy playing with puzzle blocks New Perspectives Video Clip Teaching and Caring; Teacher and girl clapping hands
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Developed by WestEd for the California Department of Education

New Perspectives on Infant/Toddler Learning, Development, and Care, the innovative training series that was broadcast to thousands of early childhood professionals across California and the country, is now available in this easy-to-use DVD set. Included is the entire footage of the three broadcasts as well as the groundbreaking video clips that so clearly demonstrated the concepts being presented in the sessions.

Nationally known experts discuss timely topics, and everyone - infant/toddler caregivers, program directors, family child care providers, college faculty and students, and education coordinators - will find this an extremely useful education tool. To enhance the programs, viewers can download accompanying handouts below.

Languages Available: English

This DVD is closed-captioned in English.

PITC Training Usage:
Program leaders, education coordinators, early childhood instructors, and other trainers can use this series as a professional development activity with participants. While you watch the program together, you can lead activities during breaks in the show.

  1. Download the facilitator and participant handouts from this website.
  2. Read the agenda, activity instructions, and all the materials, so that you understand when the activities happen and how to conduct them.
  3. Make a copy of the participant materials for every participant.
  4. Watch the program with participants.
  5. During the program, the television host will introduce an activity that you will facilitate. A screen with a count-down clock will appear. You will then conduct the activity during the time listed on the screen.

Please Read First:
Download: Tips for Using This Series As a Training pdf icon (PDF)

Disc One: It's People Who Create High-Quality Infant Toddler Care
All of the people involved—family members, children, teachers, and program leaders— have essential gifts to contribute to a high quality program. We will look at each of these roles in a fresh and insightful way.

Panel Members: Peter Mangione, Senta Greene, and Rebeca Valdivia

Session One Facilitator Handouts (PDF)
Session One Participant Handouts (PDF)

Disc Two: The Emotional Foundations of Learning; The Curriculum Planning Process
Two topics will be covered. First, we’ll look into the underlying relationship between emotions and intellect, and how relationships create an essential foundation for learning. Second, we’ll walk through the process of planning curriculum for infants and toddlers in groups, giving special emphasis to documentation.

Panel Members: Ronald Lally, Alice Nakahata, and Janis Keyser

Session Two Facilitator Handouts (PDF)
Session Two Participant Handouts (PDF)

Disc Three: The Active Role of the Teacher and the Environment in the Daily Curriculum
The teacher and the environment play active roles in the daily curriculum in group care for infants and toddlers. This session will cover how both the teacher and the environment support infant/toddler learning and development.

Panel Members: Ronald Lally, Patricia Franco, and Louis Torelli

Session Three Facilitator Handouts (PDF)
Session Three Participant Handouts (PDF)
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