First 5 California

Proposition 10, passed by California voters in 1998, established a substantial tax on tobacco products. Eighty percent of the revenues are allocated to county commissions to fund local initiatives. PITC participates in the First 5 initiatives through partnerships with organizations in several counties throughout California.

First 5 Santa Clara County

PITC’s Partners for Quality, in collaboration with WestEd’s Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development in Santa Clara County California, provides on site training and technical assistance of 60 hours of service per program to fifteen organizations in Santa Clara County. The training is provided in English and in Spanish to a variety of programs such as, family childcare providers, license exempt providers, Santa Clara 4Cs Resource & Referral: CCIP & Accreditation, family resource centers, community colleges with infant and toddler centers, Cal SAFE teen parent programs, and both private and public centers serving young children.

In addition, to promote and support the professional development of infant/toddler care teachers in the early childhood profession in Santa Clara County, five fellowships are made available for participants with infant and toddler experience to attend the PITC Trainer Institutes. Every effort is made to select community leaders representative of the diverse population in Santa Clara County to attend the institutes.