PITC Library

The PITC Online Library houses an extensive collection of multimedia resources related to early childhood. All the resources are selected by our faculty to support the philosophy, practice and teaching of PITC.

View the PITC Resources Catalog (PDF) and Price List and Order Form (PDF) for a complete listing of PITC products for sale, including current prices. This form can also be used to order products directly from the California Department of Education.

Directory of Resources

Activities for Trainers

Try our Activities! Sorted by Module and available for download.


Selected from leading magazines, academic journals, newspapers and other sources.

Audio and Video Presentations

View and Listen to Presentations from Early Childhood experts.

PowerPoint Presentations

Designed by our faculty to accompany their presentations at PITC Institutes, major conferences and other keynote speaking engagements.


Award-winning videos produced by PITC are now available in DVD format with closed-captioning for English and Spanish versions.

DVD Booklets

Accompanying each PITC DVD is a booklet with the outline of the video and additional information. Available in English and Spanish.


Developed and edited by PITC faculty, these 7 curriculum guides offer in-depth articles, essays and practical exercises related to the Module Institute trainings.


Four Trainers' Manuals filled with strategies and structures for teaching and practicing PITC. Available in English and Spanish.


Training support materials including exercises, charts, diagrams, quotes and other resources given to participants at our institutes.


California Infant/Toddler Learning and Development System resources and other related publications.

Spanish Resources

Resources in Spanish