WestEd offers a comprehensive menu of training options for new and established Early Head Start grantees. WestEd builds its training sessions on sound developmental research, theory, and practice.

Through its PITC Institutes, WestEd has trained over 4,000 Early Head Start (EHS) infant/toddler care teachers, home visitors and program managers since the program began in 1995. We hope that we will have an opportunity to work with each of the Early Head Start grantees to expand the practice of responsive, respectful, relationship-based infant/toddler care.

The Training menu above features several of WestEd's most popular training options and services among Early Head Start programs. The titles offer links to the website for detailed information about each service, including contact information. WestEd provides variations of these services, customized to meet clients' needs. Pricing is determined by event location, number of participants, and custom features. Academic units, training hours for the national Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, and PITC certification are available upon completion of the appropriate training options.

WestEd Training & Services for EHS

  1. PITC Institutes, Modules I-IV
  2. PITC Home Visiting Institutes
  3. Beginning Together, Module V
  4. PITC Regional Support Network
  5. Infant/Toddler Learning & Development Regional Seminars
  6. Teaching Pyramid: national training to improve the social and emotional outcomes of young children
  7. Desired Results Developmental Profile: observation-based child assessment

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