J. Ronald Lally, Ed.D., interviews Magda Gerber, M.A., an internationally recognized leader in infant care, on a variety of topics. Scenes from caregiving settings illustrate points that Magda Gerber makes during the interview. This video is divided into three segments of approximately 20 minutes each. Also included with this DVD is a DVD Booklet.
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J. Ronald Lally, Peter L. Mangione, Sheila Signer, and Glynn O. Butterfield
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Lally, J. R. (Executive Producer/Content Developer/Writer), Mangione P. L. (Content Developer/Writer), Signer, S. (Content Developer/Writer), & Butterfield, G. O. (Producer). (1988). Respectfully yours: Magda Gerber's approach to professional infant/toddler care [DVD]. Sacramento, CA: California Department of Education.
Social-Emotional Growth and Socialization
Group Care
Guidance and Discipline
Social-Emotional Development
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