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ECE Competencies

The California Department of Education/Early Education & Support Division ( CDE / EESD ) has announced that the California Early Childhood Educator ( ECE ) Competencies Video Series is now available on the CDE Web site. This 13-video series begins with an introductory video that gives an overview of the ECE Competencies publication. That publication describes the competencies that allow California’s early childhood professionals to provide high-quality early care and education (children birth to kindergarten entry).

Each of the remaining 12 videos explores a competency area through comments and insights from content experts and examples from practice. A good number of the content experts specialize in the area of infant/toddler development, learning, and care. Several of them are PITC faculty members. The examples from practice provide a nice mix of images from infant/toddler care and preschool settings. The videos can be accessed online through the following link:

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Now Available in Spanish
A Guide to Setting Up Environments (Second edition) / Una guía para crear los ambientes del cuidado infantil (Segunda edición)

A Guide to Setting Up Environments (Second edition)

This guide offers tested ideas for setting up a child care environment that fosters early learning and is safe and healthful. The second edition includes updated resources, sample layouts of exemplary child care settings, and a new section on ways to accommodate children with disabilities or special needs. It contains practical ideas for designing an environment suited to both mobile infants and active toddlers. The needs of caregivers are also considered in the environmental design.
Item no. 1745

Now Available in Spanish
A Guide to Creating Partnerships with Families (Second edition) / Una guía para establecer relaciones de colaboración con las familias (Segunda edición)

A Guide to Setting Up Environments (Second edition)

The second edition offers program directors, teachers, and providers of child care programs expanded information on working with families of infant/toddlers from diverse backgrounds and cultures. It provides strategies to ease family concerns about using out-of-home care and to address their feelings about leaving their young children with others.

Five appendixes, including sample forms, help to make this guide useful for addressing the many elements of engaging families in high-quality child care programs. Item no. 1746

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