2020 Webinar Series: PITC's Approach to Temperament

Parts 1 and 2 - April 24 and 21, 2020


2019 Webinar Series: The Four Key Roles of Family Child Care Providers: Using Videos to Promote High-Quality Programs

Part 1: Promoting Quality in Home-Based Child Care: Teacher, Caregiver, Family Partner, and Business Owner

Part 2: Promoting Quality in Home-Based Child Care: The Curriculum and the Environment


2017 Webinar Series: Understanding Emotions and Behavior of Infants and Toddlers

Part 1: Why Do They Do That? Infants, Toddlers and Intentionality

Part 2: Understanding Traumatic Stress in Infants and Toddlers


2015 Webinar Series: Infant/Toddler Relationships, Interactions and Guidance

Part 1: Relationships and Interactions

Part 2: Guidance