Fee-based Services

Regional Support Network services are also available for a fee to programs outside California or California programs that are not able to access subsidized training.

Training for Home Visitors

The PITC RSN Home Visiting Training emphasizes the importance of nurturing responsive relationships in the healthy development of infants. The information presented in the training assists the home visitor in how to best support the important relationship between the parent and the child as well as ways to individualize care for each child and parent. The training includes resource materials and DVDs for parents, activities to be conducted and modeled by the home visitor, and activities to be conducted by the parent after the home visitor is gone.

For Early Head Start home visitors, the focus is on deepening the relationship between the parent and child. The training will provide support for socialization events, incorporating the parent’s desires for their child. Training may include a brief presentation on any topic of interest that strengthens the parent/child relationship, and parents will have opportunities to exchange ideas and put activities into practice.

Program Start Up-Consultation

In order to support agencies such as Early Head Start in opening or expanding services to include new infant/toddler programs, Regional Support Network offers a start-up consultation. This consultation can be any combination of training and/or mentoring.

Generally these services include support in the following areas but are not limited to these topics:

  • Environments
  • Primary Care Assignments
  • Orienting Staff to the PITC Philosophy and Essential Policies
  • Individualized Care and Responsive Caregiving

For more information about customized PITC services contact Arlene Paxton, Director of PITC Regional Support Network, apaxton@wested.org or 415.289.2309.