“This was the best training I ever had.”

Krystal McClain, Early Head Start Home Visitor
Wyoming Child and Family Development, Inc., Wyoming

The PITC approach to home visiting integrates best practices in home visiting with the latest knowledge in child development to provide effective home visiting services to families and young children.

WestEd provides Home Visiting Training for home visitors, family support specialists, supervisors, and their staff serving families in a home-based context.

Types of PITC Home Visiting Training include:

  • Seminar Series (currently available for individual agencies or a cohort of agencies who share a contract)

Customized Seminar Series are designed to provide participants with skills essential to effective home visiting. PITC Home Visiting Faculty have a deep understanding of the challenges home visiting professionals face when working with families.

PITC Home Visiting Training content is focused on improving the quality and effectiveness of home visiting services:

  • Reflective Practice, Self-Awareness, and Self-Care (2 hours)
  • Parent-Child Relationships (2 hours)
  • Risk and Resilience (2 hours)
  • Early Brain Development and Responsive Relationships (2 hours)
  • Cultivating Cultural Humility (2 hours)
  • Vicarious Trauma and Self-Care (minimum one 3-hour session or two 2-hour sessions)
  • Facilitating Parent Understanding of Infant and Toddler Development (2 hours)
  • Protective Urges, Understanding and Working with the Feelings Underlying of Parents and Home Visitors (2 hours)
  • Acknowledge, Ask, and Adapt: A Process in Communicating (2 hours)

PITC Home Visiting Training participant goals include:

  • Enhance ability to build and sustain strong alliances with children and their families
  • Learn to work more effectively with families to support their children’s development
  • Increase reflective practice at all levels of the organization
  • Develop strategies for self-care
  • Deepen understanding of culturally sensitive practices

Participants also benefit from PITC Home Visiting Trainings’ professional and engaging components:

  • Interactive seminars
  • Leading expert faculty
  • Demonstrations on adult learning and teaching strategies
  • Professional reflection
  • Professional development hours


For questions regarding the content of the PITC Home Visiting Training and who should attend, please contact Elizabeth Crocker at 415-289-2334 or elizabeth.crocker@wested.org.