The PITC PARS Subscale Guides I–V are learning resources for all PITC PARS users, including family child care providers, infant/toddler care teachers, program administrators, coaches, researchers, evaluators, and others.
Each of the five Subscale Guides help users of the PITC PARS instrument become familiar with the specific aspects of quality measured by the sub-items in each of the five respective PITC PARS subscales.
The PITC PARS Subscale Guides provide information about the intent of each sub-item, definitions of key terms, guidance for observing sub-items, and examples that demonstrate the sub-item in action. Together, these elements facilitate in-depth understanding for how to interpret each sub-item, which types of evidence to gather, and how to evaluate the evidence collected. 

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Quality of Adult's Interactions with Children

Is about the responsiveness of individual teachers' interactions with the infants and toddlers in their care.




Family Partnerships, Cultural Responsiveness and Inclusive Care

Is about the extent to which caregiving practices, the care environment, and program policies are responsive to cultural and family practices as well as the unique needs of children.



Organization of Group Care

Is about the extent to which the program’s structure, procedures, and practices provide a solid foundation for providing responsive care and meeting infants’ and toddlers’ individual needs.



Physical Environment

Is about the extent to which the program provides indoor and outdoor environments that support infants’ and toddlers’ developmental needs and learning.




Routines and Record Keeping

Is about the extent to which caregiving routines and program procedures promote infants’ and toddlers’ safety and health.