This three-disc set is a companion to the publication California Infant/Toddler Learning and Development Foundations. The DVDs depict children’s behavior for each of the 28 foundations at each of the three ages described in the foundations. There is an introductory overview of the foundations, a segment on “The Early Months,” and extended segments provided with and without narration. The set is designed to support training on the foundations.
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Lally, J. R. (Producer/Content Developer/Writer), Mangione P. L. (Producer/Content Developer/Writer), Webb-Schmitz, S. R. (Writer/Production Manger), Tilson, C. (Content Developer), Tsao, C. (Content Developer), & Shwartz, P. (Writer/Director/Editor). (2009). California infant/toddler learning and development foundations [DVD]. Sacramento, CA: California Department of Education.
Social-Emotional Growth and Socialization
Group Care
Learning and Development
Culture, Family, and Providers
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