Infants begin learning through simple sensorimotor experiences and move toward figuring things out in their heads. This video explores the constant quest for knowledge of infants and toddlers. It depicts six major kinds of discoveries children make in the first three years of life and offers guidelines on how to support early learning. Also included with this DVD is a DVD Booklet.
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J. Ronald Lally, Peter L. Mangione, Sheila Signer, Glynn O. Butterfield, and Steve Gilford
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Lally, J. R. (Executive Producer/Content Developer/Writer), Mangione P. L. (Content Developer/Writer), Signer, S. (Content Developer/Writer), Butterfield, G. O. (Producer/Editor), & Gilford, S. (Writer). (1992). Discoveries of infancy: Cognitive development and learning [DVD]. Sacramento, CA: California Department of Education.
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Cognitive Development
Young, Mobile, Older
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