Culture is the fundamental building block of identity. When young children are cared for by their parents and other family members, the process of cultural learning occurs naturally. Early child care that respects time-honored cultural rules helps children develop a secure sense of self. In essence the gifts children receive from an infancy firmly grounded in their home culture are confidence, competence, and connection. For children to receive these gifts, culturally sensitive care is crucial. The video recommends 10 key ways to structure and run child care programs to strengthen children's connections with their families and their home culture. Experts contributing to this video include Louise Derman-Sparks, Lily Wong Fillmore, Carol Brunson Phillips, and Yolanda Torres Also included with this DVD is a DVD Booklet.
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J. Ronald Lally, Peter L. Mangione, Sheila Signer, Glynn O. Butterfield, and Steve Gilford
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Lally, J. R. (Executive Producer/Content Developer/Writer), Mangione P. L. (Content Developer/Writer), Signer, S. (Content Developer/Writer), Butterfield, G. O. (Producer/Editor), & Gilford, S. (Writer). (1993). Essential connections: Ten keys to culturally sensitive child care [DVD]. Sacramento, CA: California Department of Education.
Culture, Family, and Providers
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