This video presents the importance of responsive caregiving and explores a process for getting in tune with infants and toddlers in a child care setting. The process consists of studying child development and temperamental differences in infants and toddlers; learning about the children's families and their cultures; developing self-awareness; and mastering the responsive process of watch, ask, and adapt. Jeree Pawl, Ph.D., and Magda Gerber, M.A., are featured. Also included with this DVD is a DVD Booklet.

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J. Ronald Lally, Peter L. Mangione, Sheila Signer, Glynn O. Butterfield, and Steve Gilford
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Lally, J. R. (Executive Producer/Content Developer/Writer), Mangione P. L. (Content Developer/Writer), Signer, S. (Content Developer/Writer), Butterfield, G. O. (Producer/Editor), & Gilford, S. (Writer). (1990). Getting in tune: Creating nurturing relationships with infants and toddlers [DVD]. Sacramento, CA: California Department of Education.
Social-Emotional Growth and Socialization
Social-Emotional Development
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