Shingle Springs, California
Child Development Consultant
California Department of Social Services
El Dorado
Heather McClellan-Brandusa is a Child Development Consultant in the Child Care and Development Division (CCDD) of the California Department of Social Services and acts as the Infant and Toddler specialist for quality improvement activities involving infant and toddler care and inclusion, working on contracts providing training, resources, and publications to support the field of child care and development providers.

Prior to entering state service, McClellan-Brandusa was involved in Early Education for more than 15 years. She has served as an infant/toddler care provider working in center-based, family child care, and home-based programs, as an internal monitor for Head Start/Early Head Start, and as an Early Head Start administrator.

McClellan-Brandusa holds a BA in child development from California State University, Sacramento with an emphasis in Infant and Toddler care and an MS in special education from National University, Sacramento.