Folsom , California
American River College
Marie Jones has served as a full-time professor of Early Childhood Education at American River College since 2010. During this period, she taught practicum, infant toddler, social emotional, observation and documentation, and literacy courses. She has been an active member of the early childhood education community for 30 years, serving as a Family Child Care provider for children 0-12 years, Site Supervisor, and Mentor Teacher at the American River College Child Development Center for 13 years, and College coordinator for the California Early Childhood Mentor Program and Seminar Facilitator for community mentors. She has been involved in several education videos and served as an advisor and contributing writer for Volumes 1-3 chapter 1 of the California Early Childhood Curriculum Framework. She currently serves as a coordinator and seminar facilitator for the Los Rios California Early Childhood Mentor Program and as a board member for Child Action, Inc., the resources, and referral agency for Sacramento, California.

Jones holds an AA in early childhood education from American River College, a BS in nutrition from California State University, Chico, and an MA in child development from California State University, Sacramento.