Price, Utah
Early Head Start Director
Castle Valley Center
My most recent experience working with infants and toddlers and their families has been working as an Early Head Start director. A management team of three (including myself) developed and implemented the Early Head Start program for Rural Utah Child Development. In this capacity I used the West Ed PITC program to train Early Head Start staff and our child care collaboration partners. The material is top notch and provided the basis for excellent training sessions for caregivers.
I have also been priveleged to serve over the past 6 years as a peer reviewer in performing monitoring with Head Start and Early Head Start programs in Region 8 and 6.
Outside of Early Head Start I have worked as a parent adviser in the parent infant program for Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind and as a kindergarten teacher. I have conducted some contract trainings for our local child care resource and referral.
I have a Masters Degree in Special Education with an emphasis and state certification in early childhood special education. I am currently interested in contract work that may be available using the PITC program.