San Francisco, California
San Francisco State University
San Francisco
English, Spanish, Vietnamese
Although I am now currently focused on teaching adults, I have had extensive experience as an infant/toddler caregiver in center based care and consider my time working directly with children some of the most rewarding as well as fun times of my life. I enjoy every aspect of working with infants and toddlers, from the routines of diaper changing and feeding to watching with delight as an infant reaches a developmental milestone. I have worked with children, families and caregivers from very diverse ethnic, cultural, social and educational backgrounds. I consider my ability to communicate in a non-threatening way with caregivers and parents one of my major strengths. Caregivers and parents seek my advice not only because of my knowledge but also because they feel they can trust me and that I would understand their feelings and positions.

My particular areas of interest are: attachment including its implications for child care such as primary care, continuity of care, group size, caregiver responsiveness, and culturally relevant anti-bias education.