Price, Utah
EHS Early Childhood Specialist
Rural Utah Child Development
As an Early Head Start Carbon County Specialist, I am currently working with infants and toddlers and their families. My job duties with EHS encompass the supervision, education & social services aspect of the program. Currently I am using the West Ed PITC program to train Early Head Start staff and our child care partners. It is great material and I want to share the information with others who would benefit from it.
I have been with the Early Head Start program since 2001. With my current position, I interact with agencies who may share dual enrollment and it is a great asset to me and them both to have this additional information about infants & toddlers. Prior to coming to EHS I have worked for the State of Utah, Carbon County School District, and worked with 'at risk' teenagers & preschool aged children.
I received a bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in Family & Human Development from Utah State University. I am currently interested in contract work that may be available using the West Ed PITC program materials.