Presenter: Linda Brault

June 10, 2021


This webinar series explores recent policies and position papers pertaining to inclusive programs and new professional development videos that accompany the new CDE publication, Inclusion Works, Second Edition, released in summer 2021. In addition to highlighting recent updates to policies, position papers, and resources from the document, the presenter will also incorporate video from the companion series available at to explore practical suggestions for integrating these resources into professional development activities and program practices to support inclusive practices.

The first webinar in the series introduces a tool that can be used to assess the current use of inclusive practices along with Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning. It also touches on the rationale for inclusion and sharing concerns with families.

Linda Brault PhotoLinda Brault directs Supporting Inclusive Early Learning for the California Department of Education Early Learning and Care Division (CDE/ELCD) within WestEd. Supporting Inclusive Early Learning includes Beginning Together: Caring for Young Children with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings, the California Map to Inclusion & Belonging, and the California Collaborative on the Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CA CSEFEL) Teaching Pyramid.

Prior to joining WestEd in 2007, Brault worked as a faculty member with PITC, while directing CDE projects for Sonoma State University. She also has been an instructor in child development at Mira Costa and Palomar community colleges and was an early childhood special education teacher for more than 18 years. Brault has held board positions in several professional California and national organizations and has published several books on the topic of Best Practice for Children with Disabilities and Other Special Needs in Early Childhood Settings.

Brault received an MA in special education from California State University, Dominguez Hills and holds an early intervention graduate certificate from San Diego State University.

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